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Have you been injured in an auto accident?

At Preferred Rehab, our Gilbert chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and medical providers are all trained at handling auto accident patients.  Our office has everything you'll need to be able to handle your case with the most amount of attention and detail whether it be x-rays to assess your injuries, cryotherapy and muscle stimulation to decrease pain and spasm, spinal decompression to relieve disc or facet pain, pain management to alleviate acute pain and more. We pride ourselves on treating each patient who comes through our door following an auto accident with the most amount of comfort and care available, and putting together a thorough and well-thought out treatment plan for your individual needs. If you or a loved one was recently in an automobile accident, slip and fall injury, work related injury or any sort of personal injury case, don't hesitate to call to set up an appointment today to speak with our staff to see how we can help you on the road to recovery today!

Helping releive your stress

We know how stressful it can be to have been in an accident, so we strive to make your visit as easy and efficient as possible, keeping the stress off you so that you can begin the healing process.

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