Sports Injury and Performance

Chiropractic care continues to grow in the world of sports.  Athletes at all levels have discovered the benefits that chiropractic care can offer.  It is utilized in several different areas of athletics.  

First: it can be an important part of recovering from an injury, many athletes experience a quicker recovery time with less lasting effects from an injury by incorporating chiropractic care into their treatment plans.  Ensuring proper motion of injured joints and soft tissue can speed healing and prevent future scar tissue and restricted joints from leading to future pain and additional injuries. 

Second: many athletes utilize chiropractic care to maintain their condition and improve the results they see from training.  This approach allows them to maximize the results from training and helps prevent pain and other chronic conditions from hindering their training programs.  

Andrea Kramer of the NFL network reported on James Harrison, the now 39-year-old linebacker for the New England Patriots.  He credits “bodywork” with his ability to continue to perform at such a high level.  This regiment includes chiropractic care. Watch the video here.

Third: an increased performance, when competing against other athletes with similar training and skill levels, whether that’s an elite level or the local gym rat, athletes are always seeking an edge.  

Chiropractic care can help ensure the body and joints are moving at their optimal level and give athletes their best chance to perform to their highest level. 

Chiropractic and athletics go hand in hand, athletes seek to improve their bodies and their chiropractor seeks to ensure their body is functioning and performing at its optimal level.  Sports chiropractors offer an approach to ensure proper movement patterns in the joints and spine of the body.  This approach addresses the joint, the muscles that move the joint and the nerves that control the entire unit.  When a chiropractor adjusts the joint and treats the muscle it allows the nervous system to function properly.  This aids the athlete’s body in healing and increased performance. 

Another benefit that a chiropractor can offer is drug-free pain relief.  Athletes are aware and in tune with what they put into their bodies.  Pain killers and muscle relaxers do not provide any additional benefit to the athlete other than relief of pain and discomfort, and they often have negative side effects that slow their progress and hinders their performance.  Therefore, many athletes seek out alternatives that do not involve these drugs.  

In our office we approach athletes with a very simple strategy.  Our first step is to address the pain and find a way to reduce or manage it.  As the pain reduces we seek to find the underlying cause so that we can address it as well.  We believe it would be unethical for us to treat your pain and then stop.  While it may be a way to ensure that you come back and see us when your pain returns, we believe it is our job to help you learn how to live a pain free life and we know in the long run our patients will tell their friends about their experience in our office. 

Our goal is to keep our athletes performing at the top of their game and doing the things they love to do.  We want to prevent injury and accelerate the recovery time of all our patients.  Each person/patient/athlete is different, and it is our job to evaluate each person individually and design a care plan specific to his or her needs and desires.  There are a lot of chiropractors in Queen Creek, but few that approach care with the combination of soft tissue treatment, chiropractic care and muscle rehabilitation that we do in our office.  It is our true passion to help each person perform at his or her optimal level!