Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients


"I have experienced low back pain dating back to a soccer injury in high school. At times it was completely debilitating, and working 6 days a week doing landscaping became unbearable. Dr. Chris not only helped me get out of pain but also worked with me on an exercise plan to stay out of pain. He created a tailored plan just for my case and was very consistent to evaluate how I was doing along the way! I recommend him to my entire landscape team and more." 

Bill C.


"Dr. Erica is an amazing Doctor with a passion not only for little ones, but everyone! My daughter Emma enjoyed seeing her so much she got so excited when going to see her from the age of 8 months, now she is 2 and still goes to see her Chiropractor and enjoys it still every time! Thanks Dr. Erica! 

Nick G.


"You will not find more caring, loving, and exceptional doctors than Dr.'s Chris and Erica Hargrave! They take the time to get to know your personal needs and develop the means to get you back to where you want to be. If you are in the Queen Creek area and suffering from neck pain, headaches, or low back pain, give them a call and kiss that pain goodbye! They make you feel like family, and in the healthcare field that is pretty much un heard of! Thank you for helping my family and I, you are both 

Hear From Our Patients

Ali and Mark

Ali and Mark have an active lifestyle. But when sports injuries occur or hard activity strains the body, we are here to help you recover. Hear about why Preferred Rehab is a therapeutic and POSITIVE way to start the day.  


After being injured, pain relief is the first thing on everyone's mind. Amber describes the difference between regular doctor appointments and Preferred Rehab's approach to wellness and pain relief. 


 Michael came in for an emergency visit because his back started to spasm. The reason he chooses Preferred Rehab over anywhere else is their complete approach to wellness, including therapeutic massage, chiropractic alignment, physical therapy and much more.